Extremely Rare Pink Dolphin Spotted In Louisiana Has Public Baffled (And Falling In Love)

In the natural world, few creatures are as intelligent as dolphins. Not only are they able to recognize themselves in mirrors and mourn for lost friends, but they’ve even been recorded having actual conversations with each other.

Still, even in the remarkable world of dolphins, something truly stunning was just spotted in Lake Calcasieu, Louisiana. It’s one of the rarest sights on Earth, and luckily, someone was able to capture it on camera.

The brackish water of Lake Calcasieu, situated near the Gulf of Mexico, has been home to periodic sightings of “Pinkie” the pink dolphin since 2007.

An albino bottlenose dolphin, Pinkie is one of the rarest creatures on earth. They’re so uncommon, in fact, that we don’t truly know how frequently they appear in the wild.

However, recent sightings have claimed that Pinkie is a “she” and that she has been mating.

Who knows? There could could be more pink dolphins on the way!

Nature is always full of surprises, huh? Evidently, Pinkie is quite the celebrity in that part of Louisiana, and it’s easy to see why: she’s fabulous!

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