“Honky Tonk” Team Dance Will Have You Swinging Your Hips

Some songs make you tap your feet and jiggle your hips, but these two dancers might just make you jump out of your seat and start doing swing moves with them! They’re that fun to watch.

A video of longtime dance partners Jason Colacino and Katie Boyle resurfaced recently, and their “countrified” version of the Rolling Stones hit “Honky Tonk Woman” is so catchy. Their chemistry and command of the beat is absolute perfection!

Both dancers have a fluidity in their movements that make their complicated routine look easy, however, it’s anything but! They’re performing a form of dance called “West Coast Swing,” which has roots in the old-fashioned “Lindy Hop” dance.

West Coast Swing is characterized by the elastic way the dancers’ limbs move. Being connected to your partner is a big part of nailing this dance, and Jason and Katie definitely seem to be moving as one fluid entity.

At times, you can see evidence of Katie’s classical ballet training, especially when Jason whirls her around so fast, she actually blurs before our very eyes.

Jason and Katie are no strangers to competition. During his career, Jason earned the U.S. Open Swing title and three World Cabaret titles.

And it’s no wonder when you check out moves like this:

There’s just something about this performance that makes us smile — maybe because both Jason and Katie look like they’re having an absolute blast out there!

Sadly, Jason passed away unexpectedly a few years back, but he is still remembered to this day as “one of the most gifted dancers ever to grace the hardwood.” We’ll dance this one for you, Jason!

Watch this dynamic duo tear up the dance floor in the video below, and don’t forget to share with a friend who’ll love this electrifying routine, too.