The Craziest Shoes That You Have To See It To Believe It

Some times we sacrifice pain for beauty, but I think we can all agree that there are definitely instances where it is just taken too far. These shoes are certainly an example of shoes that are just so crazy our feet hurt just looking at them. We also know that designers are known for coming up with fashion that is just way over the top but when it comes to shoes like this, we can honestly say that the designers who created these shoes are just insane. The only thing that is crazier than these shoes are the people who are willing to wear them. I mean some of these are so high and ridiculous you would think that no one could possibly walk in them. But we will let you be the judge. Check out these ridiculous shoes below.

#1 Normally shoes are made for walking, but these seem like they were made for jumping.

#2 You would have to be a basket case to wear these shoes.

#3 Two things are confusing about this. One, why are the legs so hairy and two, who thinks weird coral makes good shoes?

#4 The fact that a model actually wore these while walking down a catwalk and she didn’t break her neck is beyond me.

#5 If this is the future of sandals I think I’m going to pass.

#6 I like noodles in mouth not on my feet.

#7 One missed step and your ankles are broken.

#8 I can see how the spikes and the teeth would go together, but how does the cherry make sense in this?

#9 I could see someone wearing these as part of a costume or something…

#10 This is taking the platform shoe just a little too far.

#11 There is no way anyone could walk in these, and they don’t look like they would stay on your feet.

#12 So many things are wrong with this shoe. The toe overhang look, especially in a mans shoe is not a good look.

#13 So, if you wanted to show off your toes, wouldn’t you just wear sandal?

#14 Right, because everyone looks at their broom and thinks: “gosh, I wish I had broom shoes!”

#15 So many questions, is this supposed to be a desert shoe? Is that supposed to be chocolate? What would you wear this with?

#16 The back foot looks like it is in such an awkward position. There’s no way that’s comfortable.

#17 These I might be able to get on board with, but what would I possibly wear this with?

#18 I like my sandwiches in my mouth and not on my feet. Thanks.

#19 These are just creepy, but they look like they would get good traction.

#20 Umm.. nope.

#21 Why? Who looks at their feet and thinks, “man I wish I had hooves.”

#22 So these boots have no heel, but it has claws. Ok, yeh, sure, that makes sense.

#23 When I look at these I see little walkers on her feet. Anyone else see this too?

#24 If you wanted to look like you were wearing roller skates, just put on some roller skates.

#25 I guess these look like they could be soft…

#26 For some reason, I find these shoes really frustrating to look at.

#27 Why is this a thing?

#28 These look really heavy.

#29 There are no words…

#30 I guess these are kind of cool. Sort of makes you look like you’re floating.

#31 Ok, Seriously… What in the world?!

#32 Roller skates are hard enough. With these you are just an accident waiting to happen.

#33 So how do you know which side is the front?

#34 Butterflies are nice, but this is too much.

#35 Sure, because everyone wants some pants for their feet. Don’t want them feeling left out.

#36 That’s one way to mop your floors.

#37 Who thinks: “Well I like converse shoes, but I wish my toes could get some fresh air.”

#38 These would be perfect for “kick-boxing”. haha, get it?

#39 Big Bird might not be too happy about these.

#40 That’s definitely not a real hamster but that’s just not right…

#41 All I see is a croissant stuck to a boot.

#42 Nope. Just Nope.

#43 At first this seems festive, and then you notice the skull.

#44 This just looks painful in so many ways.

#45 How are these not tipping over?

#46 God forbid you lean back just a little too far in these shoes.

#47 Are those cups or eyes?

#48 For those of you who always dreamed of becoming a hobbit, we have the answer to your prayers.