Selfie From Top Of Everest Destroys Flat Earth Theory Once And For All

If you believe that the earth is flat, I have some questions for you. First of all – what is wrong with you and second of all – what the hell is wrong with you?

It’s 2018, people! It’s high time we retire this truly idiotic conspiracy theory. There’s so much evidence that what we learned as a kid in school – that the earth is indeed flat – is absolutely true. If you still don’t believe, maybe you should go and find and then jump from the end of the ‘flat earth’ that apparently exists.

Okay, if everyone is still not convinced with all the scientific evidence, maybe a selfie will convince all the flat earthers, since, you know, logic is not a word flat earthers understand.

A Redditor is here with a selfie to prove, once and for all, that earth is not flat.

Reddit user ‘amazed_spirit’ posted a picture of himself, or maybe someone they know, on top of Mount Everest with a simple caption – “Checkmate flat Earth society”. A simple caption was required because you have to probably dumb it down so that flat earthers can actually understand.

The picture on Mount Everest clearly shows the curve of the planet, but haters will say it’s photoshopped. (It’s not, obviously!)

I’m very glad someone out there has so much hate for the flat earth conspiracy theory that they used the incredible achievement that is reaching the top of Mount Everest to take a shot at all the flat earthers.

A few months ago, Elon Musk also did his part in ending this theory, but nope, looks like that didn’t help.

But, the bottom line is that the earth is not flat, and this awesome selfie is just part of the proof now. Thank you for your time.