Sick Dog Was Left On A Bridge To Die, And The End Is An Important Reminder For All

Many people decide to get a pit bull just because they’re the new breed-of –the-moment that not so good people think helps give them a ‘tough-guy’ image. What they may forget is that pit bulls aren’t dangerous – they’re simply good hearted dogs that need love and human companionship.

This pit bull, Dennis, was left on the side of a bridge, emaciated and covered with dozens of fleas and ticks. A kind young man noticed Dennis as he drove by, bundled him up, put him in hos truck, got him cleaned up and took him to the nearest animal hospital. Unfortunately, even after fighting for almost five days to regain his strength and become the dog he used to be, he passed away, even while under some of the most expert care possible.

Take a look at this video

This is just a tough reminder that it’s important to call out the cowards you may see abusing an animal in their care – before it’s too late. RIP Dennis… Share away, people