Golden Retriever Puppy Gives Himself A Bath, And He Has The Cutest Routine

Daily doses of cute are always appreciated, especially on a Monday. Enter Brady, the only Golden Retriever you need to know about today. If you’ve ever wanted to see an adorable 4-month-old puppy give himself a bath, you’re in luck. We know that’s a specific thing to want to witness but just trust us on this one. It’s the cutest thing you’ll see all day. It’s no secret dogs are smart animals, and Brady is no exception. Somehow, some way, this boss of a dog learned to take a bath and towel himself off on his own. Did we mention it was all captured on YouTube for the world to collectively “aww” over? You can thank Brady and the people behind his personal YouTube page (honestly, so adorable), Brady The Golden Pup. The clip has over 1 million views and over 1200 likes because puppies make the world go round.

The Telegraph notes the pup has been known to surprise it’s owner and guests by randomly hopping in the shower. In the vid you can see him take a little soap, splash around, and jump out into a hot pink towel. The part where he pulls it off the rack and wraps himself up might be the actual winning part of this clip. Not to mention the fact that he walks to his bed, fully burrito’d in his towel to lay down. This dog knows how to chill; that’s for sure.

Fans of the video commented, “I went ‘awwwww’ out loud, and it’s almost 3 a.m.” All of us. “23 dislikes? Are those people crazy?” one commented, shocked anyone would feel negative about the video.

“I was going to say the same thing. How could there be 23 people who don’t like this? And if you don’t like dogs, why even click on this??,” another replied. It now has 27 dislikes, by the way. Some people!

Brady, of course, has a handful of other cute videos on his page, including such hits as, Guilty Puppy Steals Donut… Bag and All! and Bedtime for Brady (Golden Retriever unmakes bed). He’s clearly a very busy dog with a lot of important things on his dish plate. Keep doing you, Brady.

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