Dolphin Makes Circle Out Of Sand And Waits – Then Something Incredible Happens

Dolphins are one of the most beloved creatures in the animal kingdom due to their high level of intelligence and their happy go-lucky attitude. Though they’re known for being kind and playful creatures, there’s another side of dolphins that is typically not seen by humans. This side of dolphins usually ends up on the cutting room floor of nature documentaries, as it is not a side of them that humans find to be particularly pleasant.

When dolphins are living in a sea park, they are fed their meals by humans who throw dead fish right to them. When they’re in the ocean, however, dolphins are predators who have to catch their own food like all animals in their natural habitat. Dolphins in the wild actually hunt their prey much like a lion or a tiger does.

However, being the incredibly intelligent creatures that they are, bottlenose dolphins have figured out that it’s actually smarter to give up the chase and instead team up to catch their prey using strategy.

The video below opens with a dolphin who seems to be acting bizarrely as she slaps her tail against the bottom of a shallow sea bed while swimming around in a circle. Soon, her dolphin friends join her, and the movements they are making create a mist of sand that makes it impossible for fish to see what is happening around them. In essence, the dolphin and her friends have created a fishing net out of the sand, causing the clueless fish to swim right into their clutches!

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Source: Upliftingtoday