Vegan YouTuber Sonia Sae Angers Animal Lovers By Mistreating Pet Fox, Forcing Him to Live on a Vegan Diet

Sonia Sae is a vegan activist and YouTuber based in Barcelona, Spain. She has recently angered animal lovers around the world by mistreating her pet fox, forcing him to live on a vegan diet.

On her YouTube channel, Sonia talks about a meat-free lifestyle, campaigns against the meat industry and also discusses animal rights issues. She feels passionately about this last one, since she herself has an exotic furry best friend.

Sonia Sae shows off Jumanji everywhere on her social channels. (Source: Facebook)

Jumanji is a tiny Fennec fox, a breed of exotic fox that weighs about as much as a house cat. He’s supposed to be a furry little thing with big floppy ears and a lot of energy. However, Jumanji is anything but healthy.

The Fennec fox looks starved and malnourished.(Source: Facebook)

Here’s what a healthy baby Fennec fox should look like.(Source: Facebook)

The little fox is half blind, suffering from malnutrition and is missing a lot of his hair. Sonia Sae’s fans are becoming increasingly worried about his lifestyle and diet. It seems the vegan YouTuber not only flouts meat and dairy herself, but is also making her pet fox live a vegan life.