Women Reveal 10 Things That Makes Them Wet

Now, this article has a title that gets everyone’s attention. I’m not bragging or anything, all guys want to learn better ways to turn their girl on. I can respect that. And I’m happy to announce that today, I can deliver you this information – the 15 best ways you can turn a girl on in 10 minutes or less. Some of the methods may be known to you or your friends, but there are surely a few gems in here that will get your game to the next levels.

Easy Does It

Women’s bodies are very sensitive to touch, and when you do it slowly across her skin, she’ll start feeling the effects of oxytocin, a chemical that the body releases which causes feelings of comfort, relaxation, closeness, and love.

Look Her in the Eyes

Paying attention when she talks, looking her deeply in the eyes, and being a good listener and overall conversations are bound to increase the rapport she feels with you. Try to get her to share some of her deeper thoughts, desires, and feelings.

Be in Good Form

Nothing excited a woman more than a man who is in shape and looks after his health. None of the tricks listed here are going to work as well as they should if you don’t look after your self first. So, remember – a guy in shape, is a guy that gets laid.

Use Your Tongue

You must never be predictable, and you must always keep getting guessing. Oral sex is enjoyed by many women, so you can surprise her with your oral skills next time the two of you go to the bed. Just remember, start slow, and increase your pace over time.

Toys in the Bedroom

Toys are not just for children. You don’t have to become a total BDSM guru in order to use them though. There are entry-level sex toys for sale in specialized shops that are both safe, and easy to get into – and will be a massive turn on for your girl.


Women love whispering, as your voice becomes deeper and more mythical sounding. Combine your soft whisper with a few sensual touches, and you have a winning formula for turning on women. Remember to use your newfound seduction skills only for good.

Being Manly

This trait is naturally present in about 50% of the guys I meet. The other half must work their way in order to hone their skill for showing off masculinity. Women just love a guy that can act tough – you don’t have to be tough, just the mere acting is enough.

Give a Massage

This one works for both sexes. Everyone gets turned on by a nice, warm massage. Even when she’s tired after a day at the office, giving a quick massage could do wonders for the quality of your relationship or marriage, so try this one out.

Hugging from Behind

This one can both be used intentionally and as a surprise. Perhaps when you’re walking somewhere, you can hug her from behind, and whisper something sexy into her ear. You can even try this at home while she is putting makeup or some household chore.

Kiss Her Neck

The neck is one the most erogenous zones in the body. A few kisses here and there is enough to turn any girl crazy about you. A quick bonus tip: you should also add some deep breathing while kissing her neck, as the warm air coming out of your nostrils will turn her on even more.

How to Have a Sexy Way of Talking

With women, it’s not just what you say, but how you say it as well. To have a sexy way of speaking, you want to talk slowly, and to take long, deliberate pauses between sentences and certain words. It also helps to keep strong eye contact while doing this.

Kiss her Forehead

Just like kissing her neck is enough to drive a girl crazy, so is giving a single, soft kiss on her forehead, as this shows her that she can trust you. Here’s another bonus tip – if a girl lets you touch and hold her waist, that means she is waiting for you to kiss her.

Start the Foreplay Earlier

You don’t have to wait to get to the bedroom to start your foreplay moves. If properly planned, you can start turning her own even while you are out dining, riding in the car or being in the kitchen. It’s all about context and how you handle it.

Being Dominant

Women like when a guy is being dominant, so you can try sometimes pulling her close to you and giving her a kiss that way. You can also hold your hands on her waist some move her next to you, or onto the bed – anything works when done properly.

Always Lead – Never Show Weakness

Girls women weak guys – never show indecision or weakness in front of her. You need to be her rock, the sign of stability in her life. All tricks are going to be useless if you’re a healthy, strong guy that offers stability and wisdom in her life.

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