13 Bikinis That People Actually Wore To The Beach

Summer is going by pretty fast, but there are still some days left to go to the beach, play in the ocean and catch some sun. And can you call it really summer if you don’t get sun burnt? Of course not!

There is something very relaxing about watching the sea and feeling the warm sand between our toes. But just like other things, the beach also attracts some weird people.

People often rock some crazy outfits and swimsuits, so a day at the beach is never a wasted opportunity.

Everyone has the right to wear whatever they want, I get it, but sometimes you just can’t stop asking yourself: “Why are they wearing that?”

Like seriously?

Before getting to the collection of the horrendous bikini disasters, let’s take a look at these flip flops and sandals that people wore to the beach.

The classic socks and sandals combo

A terrible combination!

Fish flops

What are thoseeeeeeeeee? Honestly, are you kidding me?

Mercedes Benz sandals

All I know is that you have to be very confident to wear those to the beach.

Gladiator flip flops

Honey, what are you doing? These don’t belong in this decade!

Taking improvising to the extreme

He clearly forgot to pack his flip flops when going on vacations.

For those who just love to work

Some people just can’t relax even when on vacation. Chill, bro!


Just tell me if you can imagine these on the beach? I can’t!


Sure, taking fashion to the beach is fine but these flip flops are not comfortable at all. Just pack a pair of normal sandals and let’s move on from these.

No idea

Nothing like the squishy feeling of grass under your feet!

Beach snacks

I don’t like these ones because they would make me thing about food all the time.


A rope between my toes seems too much. No thanks, let’s skip this one.

Now people, it’s Bikini time. Let’s see some of the comical and disasterous ones.

1. Man Bikini

2. A bit bigger please

3. Adam and Eve

I don’t think this is a great outfit for the beach. It looks more like strips of lettuce.

4. I’m suprised

I am both impressed and surprised. Just, wow!

5. Odd bikini bottoms

Are these girls even wearing them right?

6. Tanned

You have been tanning way too much if your tan colored bikini matches your skin perfectly.

7. That’s not a bikini

This one for sure is not suitable for the beach.

8. Well that’s weird

Does it really cover anything? Or is it just like… uhm… jewelry?

9. Wrap around

What about the “important part”?

10. CDs


11. Too Low

I think I will see this picture in my dreams tonight!

12. Cheeky tan

Can’t get away from the fact that he actually has been wearing a bikini top…

13. Speechless

This doesn’t even need a caption!