This Pimple Popper Pops Out Something Disgusting Which You Can’t Even Imagine

It’s become a growing trend now. Making videos of dermatologists popping out the pimples etched on their patient’s skins. The result is an absolutely disgusting and gooey liquid which flows like river, and in some cases even shoots out like a fountain in completely random directions, scrambling to find a spot to land (and hopefully infect bystanders). A ghastly sight nonetheless.

The pimple popper goes to work

Meet Dr Pimple Popper, she is a trained dermatologist who is skilled in the art of bursting her patient’s pimples. Some of them are relatively harmless, others – not so much and end up making a big mess.

She handles them with precision

Given the sensitive nature of a patient’s skin and the likelihood of messing them up more than they already are, she has to handle them with absolute precision. That involves the use of proper scalpels and other high tech equipment.

Just look at his toe

Pimples which manifest themselves on our faces or arms don’t really get in the way until we start noticing them. But that’s not the same case for our toes. If a pimple grows on our toes, it can hamper our mobility.

Each step must be miserable

Each step that this patient takes will be full of pain and misery. And due to the sensitivity of toes (so many nerve endings down there), he couldn’t handle the task himself, because it would hurt excessively.

Sometimes it can be an ingrown toe nail

Sometimes an ingrown toe nail also starts forming under the toe. Eventually it lifts up and starts to distort the patient’s nail making it extremely painful and a trip to the doctor becomes a necessity and not just a formality.

She begins to unravel the wound

Just when you thought it couldn’t get any worse, the would begins to unravel and the contents of the wound begin to regurgitate out of the toe. Making for a ghastly sight. Hopefully the patient was properly sedated before the operation.

There’s more to it

There is a lot more filth hidden under the toe. And the doctor has to get her hands dirty and burrow underneath to extract the disgusting stuff out of there. It has to be a nightmarish experience for the patient.

There’s so much of ingrown toenail

The doctor extracted three giant pieces of ingrown toenails before finally calling off the operation. Cysts, puss and gooey juices thrived in there making a home for themselves. Perhaps the patient should have visited the doctor before it got this bad.

How ingrown toe nails are formed

Ingrown toenails are formed when the toenail begins to form beneath the skin instead of outside of it. The skin in turn grows along the sides of the nail, camouflaging and properly hiding it from the person’s view.

How to prevent ingrown toenails

Don’t cut down the corners of the toenails or trim them too short. Shoes which don’t fit you can also cause problems. The worst you can do is operate on the toenail yourself, you’ll only complicate the problem.

Don’t wear tight fitting socks

Socks are another major culprit. Because they are too tight, it fosters the condition for bacteria to thrive, allowing cysts to grow, which in turn allows toenails to form around the skin. The nail then pushes into the flesh, piercing it.

Don’t be moist

The worst culprit in this case is moist and warm conditions. Humidity increases the chances of developing an ingrown toenails because of the presence of fungal infections. So ensure that there are dry conditions and try not to wear the same sock for the entire weekend!

Athletes and ingrown toenails

Athletes and individuals who participate in intensive sports exercises also tend to have ingrown toenails because of the consistent trauma their toes face, this makes the nails curve too far into the flesh. This can increase the chances of ingrown toenails.

Symptoms of a bigger problem

Sometimes an ingrown toenail is a underlying symptom of a bigger problem. Namely arthritis, diabetes, turner syndrome and even gout. This is why it is necessary to make an appointment with a doctor who can point out these before severe illness.

Home treatment

Avoid prying the toenail yourself at all costs. Instead soak the foot in warm water four times a day. Use a cotton but to gently push the skin away from the toenail. You can also add Epsom’s salt. If this doesn’t work, make a trip to the doctor!

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